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Five-Minutes of Background—Part 2


What is a Magic Lantern?

The magic lantern was the first projector. A light in an enclosed box was concentrated by means of lenses and then focused with other lenses. A glass slide with pictures on it was placed between the lenses (at “o”), and could then be projected onto a screen. A chimney released the heat from the lamp.

(By the way, if you can read fast, and if you don’t get seduced into enlarging the pictures, checking the links, and viewing the videos, you can indeed read this “Five Minute Introduction” in five minutes.  But fair warning, if you let yourself be seduced into those side channels (and we hope you do), you could spend a good deal longer.  Our suggestion?  Relax.  Let yourself be curious.  Explore the byways. You’ll learn more, and enjoy it more too.)

Archival Notes

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