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Grow a Nose!

To make a man with a growing nose, draw a “base picture” of a man with a very long nose. Color everything around him black. Lay the slipper over your picture just as before. On the slipper, color over the long nose with black, so that just a little nose is left showing. When you move the slipper back and forth, you can make the nose get longer or shorter. (If you’re using plastic bags, make the slipper stick out both ends of the frame so you can control it.)

You can use this same idea to make a girl dance, though it’s much harder to do. Draw her with four arms and four legs. Color the slipper so it covers one set of arms and legs. Then move it a bit, and color over the other set. When you move the slipper back and forth the girl will jump from one position to another. (This is tricky. You’ll have to experiment to get this to work well, so that only one set of arms and legs shows up each time, but once you get it, the effect will be terrific!)

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Watch a Parade!

Draw a background scene as the “base picture.” On the slipper draw the figures in a parade, using dark bold colors. By pulling the slipper slowly through the slide frame you can make the parade pass by the background scene. This kind of slide is called a “panoramic” slide. Make the slipper long enough so that it sticks out of both sides of the frame. Then you can make it move back and forth. You can use a slipper like this to make boats and fire engines and all sorts of things move—even move backwards!

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