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You Will Need
      • Plastic freezer bags, OR sheets of acetate, also called “transparency sheets.” (If you use plastic freezer bags, try to get the best ones. They are heavier and work better. You can get the acetates at a stationery or office supply store. They work much better than plastic bags, especially for moving slides)
      • Permanent magic markers. (Not “Wash Off” magic markers. They smear on plastic and acetate.)
      • Light cardboard for slide frames, each 7” x 7”
      • Tape

It’s easy to make standard magic-lantern picture slides.   Cut out pieces of acetate or freezer bag about 3 ¼” x 4” to make the slides.  Draw your pictures on the slides with permanent magic markers.  Be careful not to get the permanent magic marker on your clothes or the furniture!  The best pictures have solid, dark colors—not just outlines.  Make the dramatic action clear.  You can project your
slides with the lantern you made (previous page), or use an overhead projector at school.  If you used a freezer bag, the frame described on the next page will help keep it steady.

Now, make the slide move!  Click “Make Slides Move” below.