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28. Major Performers

D. Elmendorf, E. M. Newman – Superstars

Though not quite of the rank of John Stoddard or Burton Holmes, Dwight Elmendorf and E. M. Newman were also superstars, capable of filling huge halls, and earning $9,000 a lecture in today’s money.

Elmendorf, in top coat, was not only a major travel lantern lecturer, but, like most superstars, an author, and all-round entrepreneur.  In addition to his lectures, he was heavily involved in The Monitor, a popular monthly magazine, for which he wrote most of the travel articles.

Elmendorf also wrote a book on coloring slides, and gave a special show on flowers to showcase his coloring skills, as in the slide shown.

E. M. Newman also specialized in travel, and wrote a series of books based on his lectures. You can hear Newman’s voice by clicking here. Note how clear his voice is—a requirement for all illustrated lectures who were performing without a microphone before audiences of thousands.

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