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49. Social Issues – Election Results

Stereoption Election Results

The lantern was not only used for social reform, it was also used to report stereopticon election results projected on giant outdoor screens.  These reports were elaborate and dramatic, spun out over time, with partial results reported as they came in.

“While the crowds were waiting for definite figures the graphic cartoons shown by the stereopticons at the new Eagle building attracted much interest.  Those indicating a Democratic victory were received with cheers. . . Then came the Eagle’s handsome portrait of Flower, . . . followed by cartoons showing that Flower had knocked Fassett out. . .”

The response to such shows could be huge and riotous:  “It is estimated that 125,000 people gathered in City Hall Park . . . [and] on Broadway, 150,000 more. . . one mass of howling humanity.”

At bottom, a lantern slide of Senator James Phelan proclaiming  victory.

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