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Intro to Magic Lantern Shows

Prepare for your Tours with a brief background—how the lantern works, its history, types of lanterns and slides, plus two short videos of re-created lantern shows—one an Entertainment Show, and one an Illustrated Lecture by Jacob Riis.

10 Min Intro to Magic Lantern Shows

A brief overview of the earliest American lantern shows (1815–1850), and some of the main types of shows in the lantern’s heyday (1850–1930).  A little travel, a little religion, a little science, a little art, and something a little weird.

30 Min Tour of Magic Lantern Shows

Learn much more about amateur and professional performers, women performers and Black performers.  Explore lantern shows on travel, religion, the arts, science, social justice, and war.  See how the movies evolved from lantern shows.